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Kalmegh (Androphaugs paniculata)

Kalmegh (Androphaugs paniculata)

      Kalmegh (Androphaugs paniculata)  is  used  in traditional Siddha and Ayurvedic systems of medicine as well as in tribal medicine in India and some other countries for multiple clinical applications. Kalmegh is known for its exceptional ability to protect the liver, brain and heart; the 3 major organs of the body that embodify the body, heart, spirit complex of shaman ritualistic medicine.


  • Family Name      :  Acanthaceae
  • Botanical Name :  Andrographis Paniculata
  • Common Name  :  Creat, Kariyat, Indian Echinacea.
  • Product offered  :  Wholeplant, leaves

Uses :

The herb has been used primarily for liver complaints and to reduce fevers in the traditional medicine of India and China, as well as for its bitter tonic properties. A large variety of Indian herbal patent medicines are available in which A. paniculata is a prominent ingredient.